Art (Europe and America 1700–1900)

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November 26, 2019
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November 26, 2019


In this journal you will demonstrate an understanding of a chapter in history characterized by political upheavals, new ideas, and new art styles, often in conflict or competition with one another.

Find two artworks in this chapter (Europe and America 1700–1900) that reflect two different styles, political ideas, or the turmoil associated with two particular revolutionary movements; artistic, intellectual or political.

For your journal:

Read the following articles and watch the video.
Edouard Manet – Olympia[showUid]=7087

Alexandre Cabanel – The Birth of Venus-^=509&tx_commentaire_pi1%2Ffrom^=841&cHash=2d4e4c9917

Manet: Inventor of the Modern, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, review-

Answer the questions below for each of your chosen works.
Which event, idea, or artistic style does it represent?
Which movement does it belong to? (Rococo, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Academic Art) and what are the stylistic characteristics of this artistic movement?
How was the artist associated with this particular movement or style?
How did the composition and/or content express the revolutionary ideas of the event, the movement, the artist, or the patron?
Post a photo of your two artworks.
Reminder: Make sure your journal contains an introductory sentence about the topic (both parts) and a conclusion. And remember that all assignments are written to the uninformed reader.

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