Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

1What is Academic Heroes?

Academic Heroes is a writing platform that aids college and high school students to fulfill their educational tasks. We help students formulate and fix their academic assignments. We match the students with top-notch professionals that are well-versed in high education requisites. We write hand-crafted custom essays on any subject.

Our service can handle any deadline, difficulty or specific requirements as requested by the client. Any paper can be written within 6 hours after the initial request. Our prices are college friendly. Buy, write and edit papers via our website and guarantee yourself elite level guidance that will boost your academic performance.

2What i your Mission as a company?
Our mission is to maximize student success and service satisfaction. We are dedicated to making it easier for all students to acquire education. Our services are available to students at all levels from middle class, high school, college, and higher education. Our goal is to help students achieve the best academic standing possible. We achieve this through writing content, proof reading, editing, and tutoring.
3Why do you order academic writing servcies to students?
Quality work: We deliver high quality work, timely and to the standard for all our esteemed clients. At essay we value quality more than quantity. Team of experts: We have highly professional in-house experts always at hand. Every order is highly scrutinized throughout the process. We provide our clients with clear guidelines on placing an order. We ensure that the clients’ instructions are perfectly clear to our professional writers. Each member of our team must have attained a Ph. D to qualify for writing position. They are taken through several written tests and customer service training course to help maximize customer satisfaction. This scrutiny help us achieve 95% favorable rating. Every single one of our expertise special in their fields of training. Quality procedures: We employ quality procedures that help ensure that we satisfactorily delivered your precise order. Extensive guarantees: Every order is covered by our extensive guarantees. We give final products of unbeatable value and support.

Our Services

1Can I trust your services?
We have a pool of expertise with the highest level academic qualifications. And the team has mastered the art of creating diversified content from simple custom essays to research paper writing. Every writer has a particular field of specialization based on their degrees. They produce a satisfactory piece of work almost effortlessly owing to their decades of experience in writing!
2Do you have writers for all academic levels?
Do you have problems dealing with the college applications? Occasionally our team have had to submit documents and patiently wait for feedback. This has given them an upper hand. They have learned the best tips and tricks that excite admission officers. We write high profile opening essays exemplifying the best parts of your career that best describe your qualifications thus guaranteeing a quality application. Do not wait! Talk to an expert now!
3What other type of academic help do you offer?
We write custom essays and do editing and proofreading. Our staff have experience in working with university professors and staff which enables them help our students attain the best possible grades. Our writers are easy to speak to and understand all the situations our clients are dealing with. They offer professional advice for each specific client.
4What do you look to achieve with your academic writing service?
It is a service rendered to students in high school, college and university. It aids them in writing assignments, coursework, academic papers, thesis and dissertations. This is done by professional writers that cover various subjects and fields of specialization. Since there are many of these services available online and across the web it is advisable to carefully choose the best one.

Why us?

1Why should I use your academic writing service?
Essay writing services come in handy when you have limited time to complete your assignments. Are you experiencing your first employment? Are relationships more real now leaving no time for you? Are you advancing your studies at the same time working? Do not worry about that pending assignment. The Academic Heroes is right here for you?
2How do you assist students with their academic work?
We have an online system that provides online assistance to students. It’s made in such a way that it maximizes comfort for the user economically allocating their time towards other priorities. We provide academic help in constructing your project in any format and at superior quality. We provide help in coursework, college essays, university projects, write-ups among others.
3Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes! Our company is totally committed to customer satisfaction.
4Do you offer any discounts or incentives to return clients?
Yes. We have a referral link that earns you a bonus if you refer a new client to our site. We have a discount for returning customers.

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