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•Find a recent article or articles (published in 2016-2017) dealing with a current event related to organizational behavior. You may use any media source (e.g., newspaper, magazine, etc). [required for assignment credit] •Based on your article(s), you will write a paper comprised of three primary sections: 1.A summary of the event/article [3 points possible] 2. Application of how the event/article relates to organizational behavior topics. The emphasis of the paper should be on the application component. [5 points possible] 3. Reference page using APA formatting [required for assignment credit] You may be creative with this assignment. Formatting requirements: •Times New Roman 12 point font • Minimum of 4 full double-spaced pages of text (reference page is not included in this page requirement) •Any article used must be listed in a reference section on a separate page at the end of the document (does not count toward page requirement) in APA format. I have provided Chapters from the book to help tie the course into the assignment.

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