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Legal and compliance barriers

Laws for private ownership

Market entry barriers

Other administrative regulations and “red tape”

  • Our business (whatever we decide the name of it to be) is going to be creating a physical location shop in Japan where we will sample brewed coffee to customers and they can either purchase cups of coffee to drink (like Starbucks) or we will also have places in the store for people to bag their own, fresh beans coffee. They can mix and choose flavors however they like and take it home to ground it themselves.
  • We will consider exporting unique coffee from other countries like Guatemala.
  • Import laws of Coffee from other countries to the United States. And export laws from United States to Japan.
  • The three bold things above is what I must do for part of an international business plan. I’m responsible for the Legal and compliance barriers.
  • Everyone will submit about 2 or 3 blank-background power point slides about their sections. Think about two-to-three bullet points for each of the slides.
  • I need the references to be scholarly resources and cited in APA format. So I will need on a word document my information for my section with the references in APA format no between 250 to 500 words not including references. Also 2 to 3 powerpoint sldes blank background or effects just with information. Follow above guideline and should be satisfactory.
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