Analyze: Artifact of Popular Culture

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November 25, 2019
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November 25, 2019


Evaluation Title: The Business of Pop Culture
We have seen throughout this course how popular culture influences our attitudes, both positively and negatively. In this final paper, you will examine an artifact in pop culture to determine its message and effect.

Select an artifact that, in your opinion, unfairly creates a negative bias or promotes a negative stereotype about one population of society. The pop culture artifact can be a media source (song, movie, television program), a product or other tangible associated with pop culture. Provide a link to this artifact (or an image). Explain why you have selected this artifact, and why you feel that this creates a negative bias. Describe how you would re-design or re-write the script of this artifact to change the way others would view this population.

Provide a specific link to pop culture artifact used for this paper or an image of the artifact.
Discuss the artifact in depth. Explain the stereotypes or biases that you see being perpetuated in the artifact.

Discuss the role of popular culture in communicating harmful or incorrect stereotypes or biases.

Re-design or re-write this artifact to change the way others could view this population without the negative bias. Be sure to support this revised artifact with factual examples of the culture.

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