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automotive services

Output a menu of automotive services and the corresponding cost of each service. (2 pts) 


Davy's auto shop services
Oil change -- $35
Tire rotation -- $19
Car wash -- $7
Car wax -- $12

(2) Prompt the user for two services from the menu. (2 pts) 


Select first service: Oil change

Select second service: Car wax

(3) Output an invoice for the services selected. Output the cost for each service and the total cost. (3 pts) 

Davy's auto shop invoice

Service 1: Oil change, $35
Service 2: Car wax, $12

Total: $47

(4) Extend the program to allow the user to enter a dash (-), which indicates no service. (3 pts) 


Select first service: Tire rotation

Select second service: -

Davy's auto shop invoice

Service 1: Tire rotation, $19
Service 2: No service

Total: $19

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