calculations for 5 matched pairs,

Summary of the article “Nationalized Healthcare
September 27, 2019
risk factors for sudden cardiac death
September 27, 2019


you are to complete calculations for 5 matched pairs, not 10 individual cases and controls (HINT: approach these

calculations by using 5 matched pairs when creating your table and identifying your cases and controls).

Here is some additional guidance: Since they are matched pairs, the case would be the first “Yes” or “No” and the controls would be the second “Yes” or “No.” Therefore, the first pair would be Yes/No, the second pair would be No/No, etc. Isolating your pairs in this manner will help you create your 2 X 2 table and define your A, B, C and D

An epidemiologist found five cases of “big toe cancer” in the Yukon Territory. Because there were only a few cases, the epidemiologist decided to conduct a matched case-control study to determine whether shoe size larger than 9 is a risk factor for big toe cancer. Cases were individually matched to one control for daily activity, history of athlete’s foot, and history of ingrown toenails. The following data were gathered: 

Shoe size > 9

Pair Case Control 

  1     Yes      No 

  2      No       No 

  3      No      Yes 

  4     Yes     Yes 

  5      No      Yes

  1. Compute the proper measure of association.
  2. Interpret your results.
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