Comp 3

For this discussion, you will need to address all of the questions below and be sure to participate fully by responding to your classmates as well. Citations should be used to support your analysis and references should be included in APA format. Be sure to review the Discussion Question Guidelines before you begin!

This week, you will be creating a small research paper based upon a career that you wish to pursue. This assignment will help you do research on this topic and to paraphrase your information which means to put it in your own words. This also builds upon research you did in UVC1000 in Weeks 4 and 5. Use the skills you have and try new research techniques. Document (write down and share) what you tried and how successful you were.

Part I Using a search engine like and the SUO Online Library, conduct a basic Internet search to find résumés and articles from your degree field and information about the field. If you cannot find an article about your degree field, perhaps you could find an article by someone in the field. Post a discussion below that includes the following components: Identifies the career you chose and explains why you chose it. Shares two references from the Internet and two references from the SUO Online library that you looked at. Include the URL and the publication, title, author, and date published if available. In the library, you can use the Cite or Citation buttons to give you APA formatted references, just do not include the last line: “Retrieved from:” information because resource URLs do not work to link back to the library. If you need help with locating material, please contact the Online Librarian (Ask a Librarian) or your instructor. Explain what search terms you used and the criteria you used to determine if the information was credible. Compare your experience searching on the Internet and searching in the Online Library. Please try advanced search options and report on them. This can be very eye opening.

Note that from this week on throughout your college career, the grading criteria that mentions information literacy includes the requirement of providing references in APA format to support your ideas.

Part II

Using one of the articles you identified in your Internet or library search, do the following: Copy and paste an example of a paragraph from one of your resources. Any directly copied information needs to be in quotation marks. Include an in-text citation for this paragraph—see the example below. (n.d. stands for no date)

One recruiter’s advice is simple: Don’t obsess over the skills section to the point of embellishment. “In adding a skills section to their résumé, a lot of people have a tendency to exaggerate their level of expertise in various technologies,” says Scott Hajer, senior corporate recruiter for Software Architects. Hajer continues, “They figure the more keywords, the more exposure” (Hoffman, n.d., para. 3).

“Although many people think that the more keywords in their résumé, the better, it isn’t good to exaggerate your technology skills so only include keywords for skills that you already have” (Hoffman, n.d.). Include the full reference at the bottom of your posting. In reality, you would only have either a quotation or paraphrased information, not both. Paraphrasing is what you strive for in college with an in-text citation which will lead you to the full reference on the References page. You might have several of the same in-text citations for an article in your paper but only one full reference for that article on the References page. See the example below for the full reference for the quote above.

Hoffman, A. (n.d.). Tips to show your IT skills on your technology resume. Retrieved from Describe any challenges you had paraphrasing and citing the information.

***Note: Your final project (Week 5 Project) is a personal résumé based on specific Word formatting skills. The résumés you researched this week will help you create a résumé suitable for your field of study. Save them in your folder so you can find them later. If you choose to work ahead on your résumé, please see Week 5 Project for the requirements for it.

In your discussions with your classmates you could: Share tips on doing research on the Internet and in the Library. Check out others’ Web sites and let them know your opinion on their credibility and why you feel that way. You can also share good resources on this topic with others. Remember to respond substantively to a minimum of two other students and to your instructor. Work on different ways to paraphrase and try to practice citing sources by helping others when you see potential errors.

Remember to respond substantively to a minimum of two other students and to your instructor and to include references of URLs to Internet resources you found helpful (tell us how they were helpful), page names for the online lectures, page numbers for the textbook, and/or specific examples in Microsoft Word, sharing the steps and tools you used.

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case studies- medical health related! follow directions please.


CASE STUDY 1: Cardiovascular

Answer each question in detail.  Please be very clear as to which case study and which question you are answering.  You should number your answers according to the case study questions.

Mr. J.L is a 62-year-old male who is scheduled to have coronary artery bypass surgery. His father died of a myocardial infarction (MI) at 65 years of age. Mr. J.L. has recently quit smoking. His cholesterol is 220 mg/dL with an HDL of 40 mg/dL. You are the nurse caring for Mr. J. L.

Critical Thinking Questions: 1.  What will you do to prepare Mr. J.L. for surgery? 2.  What assessments will you perform for Mr. J.L. when he is awaiting surgery? 3.  What will be two priority nursing diagnoses in the postoperative period? 4.  What are three key nursing interventions? Provide a rationale for each. 5.  When he is transferred out of critical care, what complications will you monitor for Mr. J. L.?

CASE STUDY 2: Cardiovascular

On routine exam of an otherwise healthy 78-year-old man, you note a systolic murmur. 

Critical Thinking Questions:

1) What are the possible etiologies of this murmur?

2) What happens normally during systole and what could cause a murmur during systole?

3) What are the associated symptoms?

4) Describe how would you distinguish the differences between the patient having an aortic stenosis or mitral regurgitation?

5) How is a murmur diagnosed and how is it treated?

Discussion Board Grading Rubric

The original post should be approximately 200-300 total words. 

Please make sure that each answer has a complete APA reference from your textbook or other MPI materials and includes a page number.



Point Values

Fully met  8-10pts

Partially met 5-7pts

Not met 0-4pts



200-300 words

Post is original and answers the question using course textbook and shows nursing knowledge base. Student has responded to 2 classmates. 

Entry provides answers the question but does apply knowledge base as outlined in textbook

Entry does not answer the question and lacking information from text. Little or no nursing knowledge base.



Good grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Entry has more than 2-3 grammatical and spelling errors.

Entry contains one or more serious grammatical and spelling problems.



APA reference of student text

Improper use of APA format  

Student cited text

No use of APA format and word count guidelines.

Use of online resource


Application to career

100-200 words

Application to career by specifying relevant Nursing interventions and patient education.

Student attempted to apply to career but did not correctly state relevant interventions or patient education

Answers are irrelevant to the issue in discussion. No interventions or patient education provided.

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6501 Discussion 3


The neurological system affects all parts and functions of the body through nerve stimulation. Nerves also control the sensation and perception of pain. While pain can be described in a variety of ways, it is essentially labeled according to its duration and source. As an advanced practice nurse evaluating a patient, you need to consider the following questions: Does the pain quickly come and go, or is it persistent and ongoing? Does the pain arise at the source of injury or in another location? In this Discussion, you compare three common types of pain—acute, chronic, and referred.

To Prepare

· Review this week’s media presentation on the neurological system, as well as Chapter 14 in the Huether and McCance text.

· Identify the pathophysiology of acute, chronic, and referred pain. Consider the similarities and differences between these three types of pain.

· Select two of the following patient factors: genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, or behavior. Reflect on how the factors you selected might impact the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and prescription of treatment for acute, chronic, and referred pain


Post a description of the pathophysiology of acute, chronic, and referred pain, including similarities and differences between them. Then, explain how the factors you selected might impact the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and prescription of treatment for acute, chronic, and referred pain.

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CT 6-Mod 14-564


You have been asked to create a handout to educate new healthcare employees as to the current and future challenges of healthcare economics within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Use Vision 2030 as a guide.

Be sure to include the following economic components: Access, Quality, and Costs.

Your handout should meet the following structural requirements, and must: Be two pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page (four pages total). Include headings titled: Introduction Economic Components Access Quality Costs Conclusion Include an informational paragraph under each heading and a citation to the resource utilized. Be formatted according to APA  writing standards. Add citation through the text No plagiarism

Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be external. 

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