Compare the registration processes in acute care vs. ambulatory care settings.

Determine specific steps aside from building more clinics that the leadership in developing countries can take to improve their health care systems and, as a consequence, the health of the population. requirement 280 words or moreSOC 300- Sociology of Developing Countries requirement 280 words or more
November 7, 2019
Provide Positive Experiences for ICU patients (using Lewis Theory)
November 7, 2019

Complete the following and submit in the dropbox.

1. Compare the registration processes in acute care vs. ambulatory care settings.

2. Explain the differences between the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS) and the Uniform Ambulatory Care Data Set (UACDS).

3. Discuss how a patient is identified as either a new patient or an established patient.

4. You are part of the team from Lincoln County Hospital working with the EHR Savvy company on the design of the master patient index (MPI). What elements are required for the MPI? Create a table with the elements that must be included in the MPI.

5. You are the EHR training specialist with Lincoln County Hospital. You are meeting with the registration staff to review the appropriate procedures for searching for patients. Create a checklist for the registrars to follow when determining whether a patient is new or established.

Chapter 2 Assignment:

Complete the following and submit in the dropbox.

1. Discuss the importance of the workflow of paper health records and EHRs. Include in your discussion what would happen if a paper or electronic record missed a step in the workflow process.

2. Explain the purpose of a health record

3. Compare and contrast the various accreditation, professional, and regulatory organizations involved in paper health records and EHRs. Your submission should include similarities and differences between an accreditation, professional, and regulatory agency.

4. Identify the four types of data found in the health record. Provide an example of each type of data.

5. Explain the concept of the health record ownership.

6. Conduct an Internet search for patient registration/ admission forms at two acute and two ambulatory care facilities. Identify and explain the registration / admission process at each type of facility. Is the patient required to complete the forms before admission/visit? If so, are there forms the patient downloads and completes? Does the patient register online? If so, how does the patient do that? Is there a patient portal that requires the patient to create an account? If so, are the instructions clear? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the system the care facility is using?

7. Locate three websites that provide information and resources on proper health record documentation. Do the three sources provide different guidelines for proper health record documentation? How are they similar and how are they different?

8. Research why the NCVHS list of 42 core elements is important. How will the core elements affect the EHR?


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