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September 26, 2019
Escape from Bataan
September 26, 2019




Course Reflections Journal 1

Over the past four modules/weeks, we have covered a wide variety of topics, from initial colonization of the Americas by the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English to the formation of a new nation under a completely unique system of government. The people, ideas, and events that contributed to the emergence of the United States of America as a nation at the end of the 18th century as are varied and complex as those of our own age.

Because our nation’s past seems so distant, many people have a flawed or simplified view of how history developed from Columbus to the American founding. As a result of your studies, how have your previous ideas been challenged? Did you learn anything that might have changed the way you see certain aspects of American history in the early period? Do you see the Colonial and Revolutionary periods in a different way? Have you seen something you previously knew from a different point of view?

Follow all instructions in the Course Reflection Journal Instructions to ensure you earn the maximum number of points for this assignment. A rubric has been provided to show you how you will be scored on each element of the journal entry.

Course Reflections Journal Instructions

Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

For each Course Reflections Journal, you will record your thoughts regarding the material covered over several modules/weeks as it relates to a specific prompt, encouraging you to engage more deeply with particular aspects of the course. The journals are intended to direct your attention to aspects of history that may be overlooked or surprising.

Completing This Assignment:

·      You will be provided with a prompt that will guide your journal entry.

·      Your journal entry must engage directly with the prompt and with the appropriate course materials.

·      Give enough detail in your entry to clearly explain your thoughts and provide examples to support your statements.

·      Use references from the course material—citations of the MindTap e-text readings and appropriate presentations, articles, and websites are required.

·      Any reference must be cited using parenthetical citations within the journal entry. MindTap activities must be cited using the activity number and title; presentations must be cited with the full title of the presentation; and additional readings must be cited with the full title of the document.


·      You must use complete sentences and adhere to the standards of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization expected at this level of academic work.

·      The use of first person is acceptable for this assignment.

The Course Reflections Journals should be completed after your other assignments and the assigned Reading & Study material in the module/week of submission

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