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Please advise how to solve?

Part II: Fill in the Blank Assignment (Data Types) For this part of the assignment, you will fill in missing pieces of code within a program. Open the DataTypes.cpp file (found in the zip file in Start Here) and follow the comments in the code. These comments will describe the missing portion. As you write in your code, be sure to use appropriate comments to describe your work. After you have finished, test the code by compiling it and running the program. Submit your finished source code. 

// DataTypes.cpp : The data types to declare each of the variables is missing.

// Based on the value being stored in the variable and the comments beside it, 

// fill in the data type at the beginning of each line. Then compile and run 

// program to make sure you selected the correct types.


// After you submit your answers, try changing the values stored in the

// variables. What can you learn about the different data types?


#include “stdafx.h”

#include <cstdlib>

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


classAverage = 90.7; //Decimal number

letterScore = ‘A’; //Single letter

testScore = 95; //Whole number value

classTestAverage = 88.4f; //Decimal number, notice the ‘f’ at the end


Green = 1,

Yellow = 5,

Red = 10

} gradebookColor; //Stores list of values

gradebookColor = Green; //This line does not need a declaration, it was declared in the line above

isStudentPassing = true; //Could be true or false

cout << “The class average is currently “

<< classAverage

<< endl;

cout << “The class test average was “

<< classTestAverage

<< endl;

cout << “Your test score was “

<< testScore

<< endl;

cout << “Your current letter score is “

<< letterScore

<< endl;

cout << “The color of your gradebook entry is “

<< gradebookColor

<< endl;

cout << “Are you passing? “

<< boolalpha //This line allows the word ‘true’ or ‘false’ to be printed instead of ‘0’ or ‘1’

<< isStudentPassing

<< endl;

return 0;


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