Discussion Board (Optimum/ Cablevision)

Identify and state which patient symptoms are more likely to be relieved by this treatment. Give the reasons to support this. Can the RN use acupressure for pain and discomfort?
November 7, 2019
Explain what a Public Health Record is, what is comprised of, and who (patient, agency, committee, etc.) regulates entry to the PHR? “Using the Internet to Expedite Patient Care Case Study”
November 8, 2019


Select an organization, your current or past employer, of which you are/were a member. Please answer the following questions:

1) What is the organization’s name (you can use a fictitious name for confidentiality)?

2) What is the organization’s product(s) or service(s). In the case of a non-profit, what is the mission?

3) What is this organization�s structure?

4) Where do/did you fit in the organization’s structure? Was there an organizational chart?

5) Is the organization using the structure that is appropriate, given its strategy? If not, what structure should it use?

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