Distinguish between white-collar crime and blue -collar crimes 

1.   Distinguish between white-collar crime and blue -collar crimes

2.   Lutomia and Naibei were arguing about computer criminal. They realized four types of criminals namely; thieves, burglars, terrorists, hackers and cracker. Briefly explain difference between hackers and crackers

3.   State where the cell pointer on a worksheet moves when the following key combinations


a) Crl + Home


b) Shift + Tab



(c) End followed by down arrow key


(d) Shift + Enter

4.   Explain the meaning of the following domains on a web address


(a) .co.ke


(b) .ac.uk


(c) .or.ug

6.   (a) Distinguish between a primary key and index key as used in databases


(b) Explain the relevance of foreign key in a database entity

7.   Briefly explain how the operating system uses interrupt Request (IRQ) numbers to allocate computer resources

8.   Name an input or output device used in the following tasks


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