Due in 18 hours ORIGINAL work apa format

Assignment 3: Cultural Influence in Business Psychology
Mark Jones a Production Manager has been transferred from the manufacturing plant in his hometown of Chicago to his company’s overseas manufacturing plant in Osaka Japan.
You are the company’s I-O psychologist. Using Hofstede’s Five Basic Elements of Culture Distinction write an e-mail message to the Vice President (VP) of Production discussing at least three cultural differences that Mark will experience in managing front-line plant workers in Japan in contrast to in the United States. Also address how cultural differences may play a role in individual differences Mark will experience.
Your e-mail message should also include at least three recommendations on how managers can take up overseas tasks with minimum transition problems. State the rationale for your recommendations.
Because the VP of Production is a busy individual restrict your e-mail message to one to two pages. Type the e-mail message in Microsoft Word and send it to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox by Wednesday March 29 2017.
Where appropriate use structured textbold format headings bulleted lists and graphicsto clarify your meaning and to make your document easier to read. Remember texting language will not be acceptable.

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