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Fan Company A December 31, Year 11 Year 11 Financial Data Wholesale Sales 1,697,063 Retail Sales 550 Units at $110 Sales Returns and Allowances (Wholesale Sales only) 2% of Sales Sales Discounts (Wholesale Sales only) 1.85% of Sales

 Year 11 Financial Data – Given 
Fan Company A   
December 31, Year 11   
Year 11 Financial Data General Partner NamesProfit/Loss Percentage
Wholesale Sales1,697,063  
Retail Sales550 Units at $110 Partner A20%
Sales Returns and Allowances (Wholesale Sales only)2% of Sales Partner B50%
Sales Discounts (Wholesale Sales only)1.85% of Sales Partner C30%
Cost of Goods Sold                                    874,725    
Administrative Expenses:    
Office Supplies                                        5,000    
Office Machine Rental                                        6,000    
Office Staff Payroll                                      60,000    
Selling Expenses:    
Advertising                                    150,000    
Sales Base Pay                                      72,000    
Sales Commission2% of wholesale sales   
Travel Expenses:    
Airfare                                      25,000    
Lodging                                      28,000    
Miscellaneous                                        6,000    
Depreciation Expense                                      45,000    
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