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Please provide feedback on the following paragraph. Please respond with 300 words 12 font times roman.

If I was president of the United States and Iran decide to be defiant about the nuclear nonproliferation and went about their way to test a nuclear device I would choose option number two. I would choose this option because it is not only the better option between the three but it is also an option that doesn’t necessarily involve violence, whereas the other two directly inflict violence which can cost a lot of causalities for all parties involve and would most likely provoke a nuclear war. I would condemn Iran actions to the point where it would force Iran to stop testing nuclear weapons and stop developing them all together. With the help of Russia and China I would propose that we limit the number of nuclear weapons that Iran might have already developed. By doing this we would be cautious of the number of weapons they have and be aware that they aren’t building any more. By strengthening international sanctions, we would assure ourselves that there would be severe actions against those who decide to utilize nuclear weapons. By renewing negotiations, we would negotiate until we come to an agreement that not only is fair to all sides but it guarantees that no casualties would be suffered. This is what I would do if I was president of the United States.

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