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January 15, 2020
Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis
January 15, 2020

The assessment
You will take on the role of a customer segmentation expert for a travel company. Your task is to
identify a specific segment of customers who could be targeted with a marking strategy. You will use
the ‘synthetic’ population produced through microsimulation during practical sessions 1 and 2 to
identify the target customers. The type of holiday destination and choice of customer sub-group(s)
to target is up to you. Note that your job is to identify the sub-population(s) to be targeted, explain
your methods and clearly present your results. There is no need to discuss how you would reach the
customers you identify. You are expected to incorporate at least some appropriate academic
literature in to your report.
An indicative structure for your report is below.
1. Introduction: Identify and justify the scope of your study — the destinations, holiday type
and customer groups of focus and why they are of interest.
2. Data and methods: Describe the data on which your study is based, the variables you have
selected and any derived variables you have created. Be sure to justify these decisions with
reference to your study’s scope.
3. Results and analysis: A combination of charts, maps and tables – judiciously designed to
address the area of focus outlined in the introduction.
4. Conclusions: Synthesise over the findings to identify the customers to which a marketing
campaign could be targeted. Be sure to do so with reference to the evidence presented in
your data analysis (section 3).


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