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Hampshire Company

The Hampshire Company manufactures umbrellas that sell for $12.50 each. In 2014, the company made and sold 60,000 umbrellas. The company had fixed manufacturing costs of $216,000. It also had fixed costs for administration of $79,525. The per-unit costs of each umbrella are as follows:

Direct Materials: $3.00

Direct Labor: $1.50

Variable Manufacturing Overhead: $0.40

Variable Selling Expenses: $1.10

The information below represents the beginning and ending inventory amounts along with the production and sales for the month in umbrella units.

Beginning Inventory: 0 Umbrellas

Production: 80,000 Umbrellas

Sales: 60,000 Umbrellas

Ending Inventory: 20,000 Umbrellas

Using the information provided above and the costs and sales information provided in Section I, complete the following in the Hampshire Company Spreadsheet in order to assist you in responding to all components of Section II:

  • design the variable costing income statement.
  • design the absorption costing income statement.
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