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Read the two students response and write a 100 word helpful positive response.

1) The two characters—King Kashpaw and Lipsha Morrissey in the novel “Love Medicine” by Louise Erdrich, have a conflicting relationship that builds upon every interaction. King Kashpaw is introduced in the first section of the novel as the son of June Morrissey and a cowardly drunkard who abuses his wife. While on the other hand, King Kashpaw is presented in a different light as we learn that he is also June Morrissey’s son without knowing who she was. King’s grandparents had taken Lipsha in as their adoptive son since word had declared that his mother attempted to drown him. Through Albertine Johnson’s perspective, we learn the he does not place importance in knowing who his mother was or why she had attempted to drown him (Louise 39). It’s clear enough that Lipsha appears to be unaffected by his biological mother’s affection and care but is described as “a listener than a talker, a shy one with a wide, sweet, intelligent face” that puts to question into what is he truly thinking or wanting to reveal (Louise 29).

In addition to this note, Lipsha had explained to Albertine that King had attempted to potshot him before implying that he has perhaps a hidden fear for him and does not know what to expect from him, uncertain as to what could possibly be the cause of such abhorrence towards him. A reason for this rival nature that King adopts to is that he knows that Lipsha is June Morrissey’s son and his own step-brother. While Lipsha does not reflect June Morrissey’s behavior and character, his facial features resemble that of the mother as he has “her pretty flat features and slim grace” that could only remind King of his deceased mother and that he does not resemble her in appearance (Louise 30). Lastly, I noticed that Albertine has fond feelings for Lipsha. Could it be a possibility thay they connect romantically and repeat June’s and Gordie’ s steps?

Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine. London: Harper Perennial, 2009. Print.

2) The pair of characters that strike me as quite the interesting pair in Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich are Lynette and King Kashpaw. Throughout the novel they have an extremely interesting relationship and throughout the novel it becomes more and more apparently that their relationship is actually unhealthy and at most times violent. Albertine Johnson is the narrator at this point in the novel and she describes one of many altercations to come between King and Lynette as they fight and Albertine can hear “clanging sound of struck metal, pots tumbling in the house” from outside the house (40). This fight broke out in the kitchen between the pair while King was quite intoxicated. Showing violence in a relationship is unhealthy and even dangerous, for example Albertine describes she saw “King was trying to drown Lynette” (41). Albertine then had to step in when it is not her responsibility but she “jumped on his back and bit his ear” to get him away from Lynette (41). Albertine is a young girl trying to make a grown man stop drowning his wife and mother of his child. It is disappointing for the reader to think of this image in their head of a young adult woman trying to defend this woman from her husband while falling into the trap of staying in this relationship. This event ends with Lynette “begging King to take her away in the car” while leaving their child inside sleeping (42). This shows the lack of respect Lynette and King have for one another because a significant other should never show any sort of violence towards one another.

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