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You have been hired by McDonalds UK to work in its Corporate HR division with responsibility for further improving its reputation as an employer.

  • Undertake a brief SWOT analysis for McDonalds’ position in the labour market and discuss the people management implications of that SWOT analysis.
  • Set out your principal recommendations as to the steps the company should now take in order to further re-brand itself positively as a good employer.
  • What wider purposes could be served for the company if it succeeds in further turning round its image as a poor employer?


  • You are expected to demonstrate an awareness of relevant concepts underpinning the Human Side of Management as a field of study
  • Critically reflect on the key debates, arguments, criticisms relating to people management that arise from the case study.
  • In addition, you are expected to show theoretical depth and breadth on arguments and recommendations relating to Management of people.

Finally, demonstrate a critical awareness of the contemporary and competitive business environment as the context within which management of people takes place.



> 2500 words + or – 10% (not including contents and reference list)

> You need to support your work with reference to academic sources (e.g. books and journal articles) as well as examples of organisational good practice (e.g. practitioner magazine articles / websites – chosen carefully). Use Harvard referencing style (see the Learning Resources website:

> 10-15 Reference.

> 0% plagiarism.

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