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I need help on my finals project due on June 8, 2017. It's an essay with 1800+ words based on a 2015-2016 annual - Academic Heroes

I need help on my finals project due on June 8, 2017. It’s an essay with 1800+ words based on a 2015-2016 annual

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February 12, 2020
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February 12, 2020

I need help on my finals project due on June 8, 2017. It’s an essay with 1800+ words based on a 2015-2016 annual

report, of ONLY one company from the following list: ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentObjectve: To analyze ±he fnancial s±a±emen±s oF a publicly ±raded company(DUE 06/08/17)Ob±ain an annual repor± From a publicly ±raded corporaton ±ha± is in±erestng ±o you. Be sure ±hecompany’s fnancial s±a±emen±s include deFerred ±axes, pos±retremen± benef±s, dilutve securites, andshare-based compensaton.Below are questons ±ha± need ±o be answered, a²er receiving ±he public annual repor±. Use ±hem asyour guidelines:1.Wha± amoun± oF deFerred ±ax asse±s or deFerred ±ax liabilites are on ±he ±wo mos± recen± years on±he balance shee±? Wha± gives rise ±o ±hese deFerred ±axes? Wha± inFormaton is disclosed in ±heFoo±no±es rela±ed ±o deFerred ±axes? Please defne a deFerred ±ax asse± and deFerred ±ax liabili±y.2.Wha± ±emporary and permanen± di³erences does ±he company disclose in ±heir Foo±no±es? Wha± aresome o±her examples oF ±emporary and permanen± di³erences?3.Wha± is ±he amoun± oF income ±ax provision in ±he ±wo mos± recen± years on ±he income s±a±emen±?Wha± inFormaton is disclosed in ±he Foo±no±es relatng ±o income ±ax expense? Does ±he company have ane± operatng loss carry-Forward or carry-back? Wha± are ±he guidelines For carry-Forwards and carry-backs?4.Does ±he company have a defned benef± or defned con±ributon plan? Wha± are ±he key elemen±soF ±he plan discussed in ±he Foo±no±es? Wha± amoun±s on ±he balance shee± rela±e ±o ±his plan? Wha± are±he di³erences be±ween defned benef± and defned con±ributon plans?5.Wha± are ±he earnings per share amoun±s disclosed on ±he income s±a±emen± For ±he mos± recen±year? Wha± dilutve securites are discussed in ±he Foo±no±es? Please identFy and describe o±herexamples oF dilutve securites. How do ±hese impac± earnings per share?6.Wha± kind oF share-based compensaton does ±he company have? Wha± was compensaton expenseFor ±he ±wo mos± recen± years? Wha± are ±he key elemen±s oF ±his plan discussed in ±he Foo±no±es? PleaseidentFy and describe o±her ±ypes oF share-based compensaton.7.Does ±he company use ±he direc± or indirec± cash ´ow presen±aton me±hod? Wha± is ±he di³erencebe±ween ±hese ±wo me±hods? How does ±he cash ´ow s±a±emen± agree ±o ±he o±her fnancials±a±emen±s?8.Wha± investng and fnancing actvites does ±he company have? Wha± are some o±her examples oFinvestng and fnancing actvites?9.Wha± noncash ±ransactons does ±he company have on i±s cash ´ow s±a±emen±? Wha± are someo±her examples oF noncash ±ransactons?***Papers must be at least 1,800 words, 7–10 pages in length, double-spaced, in a 12-point font.Include a cover page, table of contents, introducTon, report body, summary or conclusion, and workscited.Even though this is not a scienTFc-type wriTng assignment, references are sTll very important.At least three authoritaTve, outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are notacceptable). ±hese should be listed on the last page Ttled works cited.

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