I need help on this assignment, I am attaching the proposal on it and the requirements.

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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020


I need help on this assignment, I am attaching the proposal on it and the requirements.


I need a draft essay based on the topic that I used on the proposal which is 

“Views of Women’s Reproductive Solutions in the 19th Century”

Is about women’s right on the work force and equality, I will need you to read my proposal to have a better idea. 

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentWeek II Assignment1Course Project ProposalThamara De La CruzIntro to HumanitiesProfessor: Erica ElliottMarch 12, 2017

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View the AnswerWeek II Assignment2Course Project ProposalTopic:Views of Women’s Reproductive Solutions in the 19th CenturyCivil war era was a very important movement for all women in the 19thcentury. Womennot just took care of their household and their children; they also started to take jobs that weremeant for men only. Children in many cases were forced to work in order to help out the familyin providing food for the family and taking care of their younger siblings. Due to thiscircumstances women were forced to rise and do everything that men could do at one point. Inthe 19thcentury women started a movement about having their own rights. Women felt men andwomen should have equal rights because they have proven that they were able to do the samework as men did.In the 19thcentury a women had no voice, she was seen similar as a slave were she had tostay home taking care of the household and the children. Women was not able to give an opinionon the family finances and this became very frustrating since often times men will spend all theirearnings at a bar. This was one of the breaking points were women decided to unite to fight fortheir rights. In 1848 the first women convention was held after a feminist group was formed inNew York and created were women spoke about the needs of having their own rights. Theydiscussedgender inequality, the right to own properties, and be part of the government. This wasthe first convention of women’s rights and it was held in Seneca Falls, New York. Over 300women and men met to discuss the rights of women according to U.S. law and to help themmobilize across the country to achieve change” (Feminism in the 19th Century: Women’s Rights,

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