I need help with this question ASAP. ThanksA preliminary 2016 income

i need help with this assignment Fulbright Corp. uses the periodic inventory system.
February 12, 2020
i need help with this question ASAP. ThanksThe following is the ending balances of accounts at December 31,
February 12, 2020

I need help with this question ASAP. ThanksA preliminary 2016 income statement of Alexian Systems is

presented below: 

                                              Alexian Systems

                     Income Statement

                   For the period ending, December 31 ,2016

                        (in $milliions)

Revenues and Gains:

 Sales                                                                           $425

Interest Revenue                                                                3

 Gain on Sale of Investment                                            6


Cost of Goods Sold                      270

Salaries Expense                        50

Depreciation Expense                     25

Warranty Expense                        30

Restructuring Costs                       10

Advertising Expense                       23

Additional information: 

Tax Rate is 40%

Cost of Goods Sold includes a $ 1 million dollar write-down of inventory, that was material

There were 20 million shares of common stock outstanding throughout the year.

I need to Prepare a revised multi Step Income statement, reflecting the additional facts, in good form, with all required footnote disclosures

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