inflation guard endorsement.

Min-Jun and​ Min-Suh
June 28, 2019
KSU Corporation
June 28, 2019

Jerry​ Carter’s home is currently​ valued, on a replacement cost​ basis, at ​$296,000. When he last checked his​ policy, his home was insured for ​$208,297 and he did not have an inflation guard endorsement. If he has a ​$20,351 claim due to a kitchen​ fire, how much will his​ homeowner’s insurance policy​ pay? How much would be paid if his home were totally​ destroyed? In order to obtain full replacement​ coverage, how much insurance should Jerry carry on his​ house?

If he has a ​$20,351 claim due to a kitchen​ fire, his​ homeowner’s policy would pay$_________?

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