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Locate and read three scholarly research articles (NOT OLDER THAN 10 YEARS) *******on the role of leadership in managing quality initiatives in healthcare. Select articles that demonstrate three different styles of leadership (e.g. servant, transformational, transactional).

Create a PowerPoint presentation which compares and contrasts the leadership styles from the articles that you selected. With cited support from your articles, appraise how each style contributes positively to the healthcare environment as well as the leadership challenges associated with each style. Use diagrams, graphics, and pictures to demonstrate your points or support the leadership styles presented. Conclude with a recommendation regarding how positive leadership can be professionally fostered and applied in the workplace.

Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 8-10 slides in length, not including the title or reference slides.
  • Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.
  • Be formatted according to APA Requirements.
  • Provide full APA citations for articles selected along with associated in-text citations.
  • Include presentation notes for each slide to support the slide content. These may be a part of the PowerPoint or in a separate Word document.
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