Literature Review Assignment

Describe how the initiative would work to achieve the goals associated with quality improvement.
November 8, 2019
Business administration, how to write an essay paper
November 8, 2019

Please complete a full worksheet for each article, neatly summarizing the main points of the paper, and what the contribution of the paper is.Please ensure you provide a citation for each article that is formatted in APA (6th ed.) format. The bibliographic information should include:• the author(s) name(s)• the year it was published• the title of the article• the journal’s name• the volume of the journal• the issue number of the journal• the page numbers• the DOI (digital object identifier) for the article (if available)please answer the questions separately:complete the following:1. Full reference information for the article in APA (6th ed.) format.2. What is the author(s) research question? If it is not explicitly provided, what is your interpretation oftheir research question?3. In one sentence, please describe their answer to this question.4. What is their independent variable(s) (cause)?5. What is their dependent variable (outcome)?6. What are their testable hypotheses?7. What data are used to test the relationship between variables?8. What methods are used to test the relationship between variables?9. What are their findings?10. What are the limitations of the paper as described by the authors? If it is not explicitly provided,what is your interpretation of the limitations of the paper?

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