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macroeconomic analysis

 Your macroeconomic analysis paper should respond to the following prompt:

Analyze the extent to which the macroeconomic environment in the United States impacts the supply and demand of         Walmart’s clinical services and assess the effects of macroeconomic conditions on  Walmart’s  financial performance.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Overview: Provide an overview consisting of a brief description of Walmart, their clinical services  and annual sales.

II. Macroeconomic Variables

For this section, you will utilize macroeconomic variables such as GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, and so on to relate trends in data to the supply and demand of your Walmart’s clinical services . Include all calculations in an Excel file.

a) Select three macroeconomic variables in the United States that impact the supply and demand of the clinical services. Justify your selections.

b) Interpret the trends of the three selected macroeconomic variables for the past three years. Be sure to include gathered data. Based on the trends of the three macroeconomic variables, assess how they will impact the supply and demand of Walmart’s Clinical Services.

3-4 pages including reference page, 12pt times new roman. Please read the instruction carefully before responding. Please do not plagiarize, as the system we submit through will reject the paper once it detects similar matches. Thank you

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