mixed method research question

20 finance question 5 attempts allowed need 90 or above- work needs to be done in excel and sent to me
August 15, 2020
Help with assignment – Diploma of Business
August 15, 2020

i will send you the question and the answer either you can paraphrase it or write new one
Question#( in business Information System ) write amixed-methodsquestion explain why thismethodology is appropriate for your dissertation topic.Explain how you might approach the data collection process with special emphasis on treatment of human subjects and contingencies you would take if you were unable to meet the sampling size of your strategy as outlined in your methodology discussion in the dissertation. Again use scholarly academic literature to support your response.
The topic online shopping methodologymixed methods . (no more than 2 pages – 1-2 pages)
i need it in few hours please
Thank you so much

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