Music analysis

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November 25, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Using Academic language, write 2 paragraphs analysis about the musical piece attached below answering the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.
hat and why does the piece stands out to you and briefly (1-2 sentences) explain why this particular piece “caught your ear.”
What are the piece’s unique characteristics? BE SPECIFIC and use your textbook as your reference! This should be the main part of your mini-essay. This is not opinion – these are facts that you have researched.
Cite your sources (Links to an external site.) – including your textbook. Points deducted for not citing references. You may use MLA format. (Links to an external site.)
Response should be one-two paragraphs. Use full sentences, no abbreviations, and check your spelling for full credit.
Music Video Attached:

Suite for Violin and Piano: III

Composer: William Grant Still

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