My introduction and thesis have to be simplified and written in the third person.

As per my professor, I have made revisions to my introduction and thesis.
March 12, 2020
Please-Need help with this assignment. It is a 2 step assignment,
March 12, 2020

My introduction and thesis have to be simplified and written in the third person.  I would like to say that

renaissance art has influenced modern society art based on its emphasis on humanism.  Is this too simple a thesis or not specific enough? I have written an intro and thesis already but it is too complicated and I want to know if my efforts can be reworked to a working thesis.   ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentAnnotated Bibliography:Cathy BieniekHumn-303-Introduction to HumanitiesProfessor PisanoDate: 7-23-2016The Renaissance has had a profound influence on the developmental course of modernAmerican society and culture, and as it is an innate extension of both, artistic expression.Theinfluence of the Renaissance in America has generated a new focus on humanism, and as a result,an increasing resistance to the prevailing ideals set forth by the church.While religion washighly influential during the Renaissance, the emerging acknowledgment of human capabilityand scientific inquiry influenced the direction of Western history.It saw a revival of classicaltexts, and the development of new scientific techniques and novel and innovative styles of art.Modern-day American culture is still being influenced by the incipient expansions of theRenaissance.Leonardo da Vinci (1450-1519) is one of the most famous figures of theRenaissance.His life and work reflect the popular humanist ideals that shaped the Renaissanceera.Leonardo da Vinci, through his many accomplishments in art, architecture, music,science, mathematics, anatomy, geology, and botany reflects the principles of realism, asthat endure within modern American society and impact our perspective of the world weinhabit.

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View the AnswerWitoszek, N. (2014). Leonardo da Vinci Our Contemporary?.Worldviews:Global Religions,Culture & Economy, 18(2), 122-143. doi:10.1163/15685357-01802002.In this article, Witoszek is writing in response to historians who claim that the EuropeanRenaissance has either waned or has been declining swiftly.He investigates and reevaluates theconcepts and representations of Renaissance humanism and how these ideas are illustratedthrough the works of Leonardo da Vinci.Three main arguments are addressed.The firstargument delves into the ecological forces in Leonardo’s opus representative of the relationshipbetween humans and nature, and its relevance to a fundamental change in approach imposed bythe “current environmental and social crisis”, (Witiszek, 2014).Nature, humanity and progressare interconnected, He maintains that a good deal that can be learned from the “small andsubversive community of Renaissance umanasti” when imagining a more sustainable future(Witiszek, 2014).Leonardo, in 1502, worked with Machiavelli on a project to alter the course ofthe Arno river.The project was a failure but the ideas Leonardo held in terms of theinterconnection of the natural world and humanity influenced Machiavelli who echoed thisconcept in the central metaphors in “The Prince”, a political anthropology which would come todefine social order.The “umanasti” established an advanced ethical vision which developed intothe foundation of Western innovation.There are two direct influences stemming from theRenaissance. The first is illustrated in “De Hominis Dignitate”, an oration which personified theendless possibilities one has in determining the course of their life.A darker view is seen in thewars, greed, corruption, and the Inquisition.Lastly, Leonardo’s legacy and a rethinking of natureand humanity in the viewpoints of the Renaissance and thinkers place the focus on a distinctivecode of eco-humanism.Eco-humanism accentuates human dignity, nature’s self-sufficiency andauthority, the right to ask questions and speak freely, and stresses the use of laws to limit human

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