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nature versus nurture debate

Directions: Write a response that is at least one half of one page in length for each of the following questions.

1. On page 164 of your text, read about the nature versus nurture debate. What do you think is the dominant force shaping human behavior? In your opinion, what do you believe is the cause of crime: nature or nurture? In other words, are criminals born that way or do their surroundings play a role?

2. Describe social casework and how it came into existence.

3. Choose two sociological theories (e.g., anomie, differential association, neutralization, differential or limited opportunity, social control theory, etc.) and explain how they place crime in a social context.

4. On page 196 of your text, compare and contrast the roles of the parole officers from Georgia and Multnomah County.

5. Describes the three systems by which probation and parole officers are selected. Then identify the qualities that are generally considered desirable for probation and parole officers. Explain why each of these qualities is essential. View the entire interaction

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