Observation of Child’s Behavior

Option C: Do your observation on one of the children in the video; choose an external source, such as a film or book, that is related to child development, and do your child observation on one of the characters that are depicted. Use the attached template to fill out the information.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90o1VM0snbk

There are three parts in the assignment:

1.Description of the Context: you will include any relevant background information about the student you are observing, the characteristics/behaviors of interest the student exhibits, and a general description of the setting and class activity at the time of your observation. (250 to 275 words)

2. Description of Childs Activities: you will type your running record of the childs behavior. (550 to 825 words)

3. Comments: is where you will type any ideas that you have that might explain the childs behavior, including references to developmental theory. (250 to 275 words)

Helping material: There is an observation template with instructions included. Also there are some questions that can help you to describe the child’s behavior easier.


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