oogenesis, meiosis II in completed

Please just explain 1 correct answer each for each question. Thank you!During oogenesis, meiosis II in completed

prior to fertilization

at ovulation

after fertilization

at puberty

at menopause

Two parents with genetic ___________ for a trait can have a child without the trait as long as their recessive mutations are on different genes. This is an example of _____________.

epistasis; incomplete dominance

heterogeneity: complementation

incomplete penetrance; epistasis

codominance; epistasis

complementation; heterogeneity

A difference between a stem cell and a progenitor cell is that

progenitor cells are not present in embryos but stem cells are

a progenitor cell cannot self-renew and a stem cell can.

a progenitor cell only yields daughter cells less specialized than itself, whereas a stem cell can yield daughter cells more specialized than itself

a stem cell cannot self-renew and a progenitor cell can

a stem cell is more differentiated than a progenitor cell

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