proposal that references one academic scholarly source

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March 12, 2020
What if an ancient building has to be changed a little — not much but enough
March 12, 2020

proposal that references one academic scholarly source for the research project you intend to complete. This

project should engage at least one academic source, should include an introduction and thesis to the best extent that you know it at this point in time, and should locate a central controversy that requires deft and subtle handling. Be sure to adhere to for in-text citation and final

Now you are ready to do some research. You need not lot of research yet, just enough to get a “feel” for the topic and what is involved. Is this a topic that you really want to about? Is there enough research readily available, that you can realistically find out the information that you need in order to strong final paper. But you will need to little research in order to write the week 2 proposal, even though your annotation references are not due until week 4.

Be sure to take note that the school asks you to develop a “point of view” in the paper. Here, the idea is that after you do the research you will develop a “point of view” or “hypothesis” that you then spend the paper arguing why you think it’s right. For example, you might decide to discuss the causes of World War I, and after reading some articles you end up deciding that the major causes of the war were economic rather than political. That would then be your “point of view”, and the first sentence of your final paper might even be something like “Although most scholars believe that the first world war was caused by political reasons, a careful study of the literature reveals that economic reasons were also critical.” Can you all see how in my hypothetical example I was able to express my own personal point of view, and still say what other scholars thought?

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