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Psychology Projectwork

Life-Span Development

For this assignment, students will create a lifeline to examine important milestones in their development. For the first part of your timeline, identify at least ten past events that have had an impact on your life. Include the age at which each event occurred and a brief description. Please try to highlight memories you actually remember. You do not need to focus on ages that you walked/talked unless you know that information already.

The second part of your time line should include a prediction about at least five future events that you believe will also impact your development. Guess the approximate age at which these might occur. Choose three of the past events and two future events to discuss further. Explain why each of these was (or will be) significant in your life. Discuss whether these affected physical, cognitive and/or social development.

This is a “capstone” project which means it is your opportunity to “show-off” what you’ve learned in this course. Include theories and/or terms from your textbook. Be as creative as you like. You can include photos, clip art, etc. The lifeline will be submitted in Blackboard via Power Point. {If you wish to submit something other than a PPT, check with the instructor for approval.}

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