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* Write a personal essay describing your relationship to the idea of “responsibility.” Feel free to consider the following questions:

a) What does it mean to be a responsible human being?

b) What do you feel responsible for in your life?

c) In what ways does your sense of responsibility extend to issues outside of your own immediate environment (eg: beyond family or school)?

What are the kinds of things you take seriously? You can be as creative in your approach to this question as you wish.

I recommend that you create an outline for your essay before writing it. I also urge you to write a first draft and then edit it. Only submit your final draft on Blackboard.

Italicize your thesis statement and topic sentences.

Be sure to EDIT your work before submitting it. Grammatical and punctuation errors will be penalized.

THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH ESSAY. Write a personal essay about your opinion on what the term responsibility means to you. However, if you comment on, paraphrase, or quote information from another writer or source, then you must document this in your essay by citing your sources in MLA format.

Your essay should be no less than 300 words.

Also, click on the link below. It will help you with creating an outline

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