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Hi On this assignment, I received a score of zero because the work was not done well. Below is what the problem is. The lecturer also posted a template that we will have to follow.

Please I have tonight 9/13/2017 by 11:59 to turn this in.

Instructor: Your paper is lacking the first two criteria of the paper of 1) legislators and their committees and 2) current legislation acts. Letter looks great. Please see Doc Sharing for a sample template for week 2.

So this is the sample template:

Opioid Drug Abuse

South University

Lucy Stella

June 15, 201x

Opioid Drug Abuse

This is your introductory paragraph. Notice there is no APA heading as it is not required as noted. Here you can stay succinctly what this paper is about. This paper is only to be two or three pages.

Legislators with Assigned Committee and Commitments

Needed are three legislators with what their assigned committees are and what laws they support.Try to do this in about three or four sentences for each legislator.

Current and Actual Legislation Initiatives

What was a piece of legislation from each of the above legislators that you found interesting?Again keep if succinct.What type of bill – house or senate including its number, the title, and briefly what the bill’s overall purpose/goal is.


In this paragraph you can state which legislator you are writing to, which bill, and why you found it interesting.This can be related to your topic for Week 4 or a very different health related topic.


Lastname, I.I. & Lastname, I.I. (2015). Title of article: Subsection of article.Journal ofNursing, 4(17), 45-67.


Letter to Legislator

Your Name




Legislator Name


Dear Honorable Representative,

I am writing to you to explain and support the HB 1234 about ….

I hope you will consider my view as a nurse, I am very concerned about our citizens and their health.

Very sincerely yours,

Luc tella, DHSc, MN, RN

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