risk factors for incident hypertension

A National survey
September 27, 2019
The mean body mass index (BMI)
September 27, 2019


A study is conducted to evaluate risk factors for incident hypertension. All participants are free of

hypertension at the start of the study and are followed for 4 years at which time they are re-assessed for hypertension. Risk factors are measured in all participants at the start of the study. A total of participants enroll and 1123 develop hypertension over 4 years. The following table displays the numbers of participants who develop hypertension by gender and age group.

A. What is the relative risk for hypertension in women 50+ years vs. women < 50?

B. What is the relative risk for hypertension in men 50+ vs. men <50?

Women                 develop hyper                  do not develop              total

age 50+                         255                                    237                           492

< 50                               241                                    916                          1157

total                                  496                                    1153                      1649

Men                                 do                                     dont                       total

50+                                   283                                    188                          471

<50                                   344                                    718                         1062

Total                                 627                                    906                         1533

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