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November 25, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Roman literature was, from its very beginning, heavily influenced by Greek authors. Some of the earliest works we possess are historical epics telling the early military history of Rome, similar to the Greek epic narratives of Homer, Herodotus, and Thucydides.
Select a Roman author and research the author’s collection of works and select a single work by that author.
What themes are present in the author’s collection of works and how is it represented in the work you have selected? Can you recognize similar themes in contemporary literature, film, podcasts, etc.

You may select an Orator (Cicero), Playwright (Plautus, Menander), Mythologist (Ovid), Poet (Horace), Historian (Pliny)–one of these, or any other Roman author you wish to discuss.

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