Social Responsibility Essay

Provide an analysis of the policy from your point of view and how this will influence your practice.
November 26, 2019
A Look At Rudimentary Aspects For Persuasive Essays Writing
November 26, 2019


In this essay, students will discuss social stratification and inequality as they relate to a topic of interest, such as the family, deviance, crime, race/ethnicity or gender.
In their essay, students must address a set of questions related to citizenship, social justice, and ecology (related to social responsibility). These include:
What role to people play – through their actions and inactions – in generating and maintaining systems of stratification and inequality in society (a concept from rubric: citizenship)?
What issues of fairness are raised by stratification and inequality with respect to the selected topic (a concept from rubric: social justice)?
How might it be possible to overcome inequality in the selected topic (a concept from rubric: ecology)?

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