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SQL code,

Hi I got error on my SQL code, I do not know why it is to hard for get the right ans…


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E LTS ‘ Updating dun
‘W-w I Lu, \tL 6. 4. Challenge Updating the trips table A llysql pmmpt has been upened for you;
Using the EPBrjver database: 1. Set all Lhe records from the trip_datetile_start column of the trips table tc-
2015-09-14 00:00:00 where the 1d is less than 5 Once yuu have completed these tasks press the Check It! button to have yuur solution assessed.
Check It! X LAsr RUN an srzuzm 3.0235
[Error].- Task 1, Expected: Set a]? the records from the Dipidnretimeismrt column ofthe Mp5 table to the apedfied values. Try again. Let’s experiment with omitting the WHERE dense in the UPDATE statement la see what happens m the tables ifwe don’t have such Caution.

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