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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020


Last night was the time I gave my second spanking ever since I began babysitting since I was 14. Different parents had allowed me to spank but in most instances I avoided. After the first spanking I have limited myself and have become nervous. Interestingly, my second spanking was given to a teen different from the first. This explains why I totally had a different experience. At 19, I had come home after a long term in school and bumped to my neighbor’s son, Felix, aged 16. This meeting ignited some of the old memories about my relationship with Felix. Previously, at 17, I had a wonderful experience while babysitting Felix. I had learned that Felix would do anything to go for what she desired. At this time, due to being nervous, I used to avoid spanking Felix, an instance that made him think that I was fearful. After a year of babysitting, Felix Madison was lucky because I left without spanking; an encounter that made him take me as a favorite friend who does not intend to hurt.

However, when I came for holiday, my relationship with Felix had to take a new direction, perhaps after spanking. A month ago my mother had called me and informed me how Felix loved to party and could do anything to compel her mother, Joyce, to allow him. Her mother was sometimes upset by his requests. Considering that they were our neighbors, we found Felix’s behavior unattractive. While at home I came to reality with Felix’s new behavior demands that saw me give my second spank that I

found very different from the first spank that I gave at 16. That day at night around 9:30pm my mother received a call from Felix’s mother who asked me to go to her house and help her with something. My mother did not hesitate and allowed me to leave because we had been friendly neighbors for more than 10 years. Averagely, I spend three minutes and I was at Joyce’s house door. On knocking the door, it took a round two minutes before it was opened something that made me sense some misunderstanding. When it was opened, Felix was in the house next to a table in his bedroom. She was somehow sad with a hairbrush near him, her shoes off with unzipped jeans. Perhaps, this was normal in an instance when one was getting ready for a spank.Immediately, Joyce asked me to join her in the living room before to let me know understand her reason for calling.

“I am pleased your mother allowed you to come immediately. As you can see, there is a little trouble in my house that I would like you to help out.” Joyce said this in a sad voice but she controlled her tears. “My son has grown up valuing parties and I find it hard in controlling this habit. It pains me that he is requesting me for a spank only to allow him for the party. I have failed to convince him on forgetting about the party to avoid the spank but I have failed.”

Before I could ask why she could go ahead and spank her son without inviting me, I realized that her right hand wrist

was bandaged. She went further to explain that “I would have done this myself but as you can see I hurt my wrist yesterday while I was playing golf in our neighborhood and I am confident that you can help me out because you have participated in babysitting my son sometime back. I understand at that time you did not spank him, but am sure you have done this before at the time you were taking care of John, Mary’s son, two years ago.”

I retorted “well I had given a spank before, but I did not like the experience. I had to use more energy in controlling the teen at that time, something that made me feel that Spank can be risk especially when done by a youngster like me. However, I will not hesitate helping you out in this case considering that your family and mine are well related and I have known Felix for long, and I believe that I understand him to some extent.”

Perhaps, from my speech I could tell that I did not like that act of spanking. However, I did not want to disappoint Joyce in ensuring that when had order in her house. Actually, my being nervous in spanking Felix was motivated by the idea that I valued maintaining better relationships with the children that I interact while babysitting. Fortunately, gained the courage for the reason that spanking is helpful for developing behavior that a parent desires in a child. With this moral drive, I walked towards Felix room without hesitation. It was beyond my expectation to learn that he was not afraid of receiving the spank.

Before I could make any utterance, Felix began talking immediately he saw me. It was like he knew that her mother had called me to spank him.

“I was worried that I would not make it for the part tonight, but I am glad you are here to spank me. My mother is unable to do this and I cannot imagine failing to attend the party. She has hurt her wrist and she cannot do it and would you please do it on her behalf”

This explanation was beyond what I expected because in my first spanking I had learned that no child would easily accept be spanked or would request to be spanked only to achieve a certain desire. Inside, I felt disturbed on whether to continue with the punishment. Joyce grabbed my hand; a sign that she was encouraging me to continue with the activity. Possibly, this showed that she was a strict parent that would not entertain a challenge from a child.

Felix continued that my mother has grounded me for making t home late. This has affected my desireof going to party and I feel that this unfair and I prefer being sparked so that I do not miss the party. I understand you have never spanked me, but you have seen me during other times and I am convinced that you can do it and am requesting you to go ahead.”

I answered, “Felix, I understand that you desire me doing it now only to let you attend the party,but you have to realize that you are no longer the same when compared to when I used to babysit you. I have known that to a teen like you spanking is not helpful when compared to other children below your age. Also, undertaking a spank on you will need to be more severe and am afraid it can ruin your relationship. It is significant for it to be severe so that you will not desire breaking the rules again and taking spanking lightly.”

Considering that her mother had granted me an ‘okay,’ Felix stated that “I do not care how the severe the spanking will be, I am still under my mother’s authority and you have to do what she instructed you. I deserve the punishment because there is no way I can live for the party by ignoring her punishments. Furthermore, I am confident you are the right person because at one point in this family you have been permitted to control my childhood life, and therefore, I will not be offended by you spanking me.”

At this point, I felt that this youngster was taking the purpose of punishment for granted. Somehow I felt provoked and I knew that it was time to take a parental role to reclaim morality in Joyce’s house. I also realized that Felix’s mother was getting offended by how the boy was talking and asked me to quickly punish him to avoid further explanations that sounded childish.

Without hesitation, I moved toward Felix, and grabbed the brush as I saw him move toward the table peacefully. With his lowered jeans and panties, lying on the table, her mother expected to see me at work. With a little anger, I raised the brush in the air high as I could and delivered a strong blow to his pure bottom. He began to scream something that let me know that I had made the punishment reveal to him that it is not about using it for achieving selfish desires.

“Ooouuch!!” she yelled while using her hands to protect herself from further beating. With increased energy, I grabbed his hand and delivered other blows closer to where my hand was holding his. I did this to ensure that I did not injure her hands. I was fortunate to empower her leaving me with unprotected bare bottom for more blows. From the other side, his mother who was witnessing would hold her joy for a spanking that he found worthy. She shouted at a moderate voice.

“More! More! I would have done more than that if my wrist was ok. I do not want to tolerate unwanted behavior in my home. It is my desire to raise a son that would not fight to have whatever he desires in any way that compromises morality.”

This response made me realize that I was doing a commendable job and I had to increase my effort not only to satisfy the mother, but also to make it apparent to Felix that one cannot prefer being punished only to satisfy selfish desires.

As I delivered my third blow, Felix could not continue keeping calm, considering the pain he had begun to experience. I saw him trying to make efforts to escape my grip and make his bottom unprotected for more blows. He began to shout, “noooooooooh! This is getting to much, I did not expect to go beyond this.” Felix struggle began to increase as he worked to be set free from my tough hands. “Hey! Hey! Stop! I cannot withstand this anymore,” Felix retorted, although his mother insisted that I should continue. “Do not stop, this boy has been thinking that spanking can be preferred to being grounded. He thinks that punishment can be exchanged for one’s desires. He is lucky that I have hurt my wrist I would have done it more than that.”

With increasing complaining from Felix, I stopped and raised him and made him sit on his bed. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his head bowed down, I then asked him, “are you sure you prefer spanking over being grounded?” At this time he remained quiet with the head bowed down. When his mother he had chosen to be silent on me, she shouted “Are you sure you prefer spanking over grounding!”

When he felt that her mother was still angry on him, he replied that “I have been spanked and must be allowed to leave for the party. I do not have to be grounded anymore because the spanking that I have had is enough. Nobody is going to hinder me now from going to the party. You have used this spanking to humiliate me more than I expected and I cannot take any longer. My decision to live has been reached and I cannot be prevented. After all am nearing 18 and I am convinced that I can stand without parental authority.”

Feeling annoyed and embarrassed by his utterances and the stern look from his mother face, I moved toward him and grabbed him with my left hand and laid him on the table with his bottom exposed. I delivered two hot slaps that made him scream again. I brought his face closer to me and said sternly “I did that to see whether you deserve the punishment, and that was just the beginning because you still have ten more until you realize the significance of punishment and not just being driven by your selfish desires.”

Joyce was also annoyed by his son’s utterances and she almost shade tears. She retorted that “I am asking you to punish this young man until he realizes that he is under my authority and he deserve to be respectful. He is receiving this spank and he will remain grounded. I cannot bargain with my child on what I know is good for him. Let this be a lesson to obey those in authority and his parents. I cannot believe that Felix can make such utterances in my presence. Hey! Boy you will not leave this house and you have to know that as long as you are still under my protection. I will have to ensure that you walk in ways that I know will make you a better man.”

After spanking him three blows, I made his sat on the bed a gain and asked him whether he still wanted to leave for the party. He replied that “I still feel it is unfair to have me spanked and also be grounded again. I know I am being grounded for making rude utterances, but I apologize for disrespecting my mother and you. I am requesting you to stop the spanking and I will pay attention to your advice on attending the party.”

As he was saying this in pain, I felt that I had done a good job. Also, I saw Joyce began to smile because upon realizing that her son had began to respond respectfully, and felt that she was in authority. Although I empathized with him because I knew the spanking I had given was very painful, I had to ensure that he had conformed to his mother’s desires. Considering the purpose of the spanking, I came with the question, “What is your take at the moment? Are you still insisting on leaving for the party or are you going to remain grounded and leave for the party tomorrow at the time your mother ask you to?”

Felix replied that “I am willing to operate on what my mother directs and feels will benefit me. Unfortunately, I feel you have been harsh on me and I do not think I will have a better relationship with you after this”

This utterance somewhat annoyed Joyce. She uttered “What? Do you think people who spank you hate you? No, you have to understand that it is because of your own mistakes. They are doing this to make you realize that the path you intend to choose would be suitable. I will not take it lightly if you plan to remain bitter toward our neighbor. Remember he has participated in taking care of you during baby sitting and this makes it clear that he had no evil intentions toward you. Whatever he did was my instruction and in case you want to be bitter then you better chose do that against me. However, you have to note that all this has been done to ensure that you remain respectful and consider what your mother sees best for you at this age.

On hearing this, Felix was moved and his eyes were covered with tears indicating that he had realized his mistake. He said, “Mother I am sorry for making you bitter due to my selfishness. Also, I apologize for preferring my ways and on what you think will work for my good. I am also sorry for being rude to the neighbor and planning to hold a grudge against her. I feel ashamed of my rudeness and I am asking you to forgive me and I am ready to be obedient to you commands because I understand I am under your authority in this house. On the issue of the party, I will wait until tomorrow when the punishment of being grounded will be over. Last, I promise that I will ensure that I keep different things at my best. Truly, this has been an experience that has made me to want to begin again and be respectful.”

As he completed making these statements, I moved close to him and gave him a hug and whispered, “I am happy you have taken this positively and we are still friends. I appreciate your understanding and I wish that you continue behaving well even up to that time you will no longer be under your mother’s authority. Now you can go and hug your mother, as you can see she is smiling at you.”

After they hugged each other, Joyce thanked me and welcomed me the following day for dinner. As I walked away, I was happy because my spanking had made my neighbor family maintain its peace. Precisely, Felix had chosen obedience over spanking.

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