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The Limits of Free Speech and Gay Marriage

Persuasive Essay: The Limits of Free Speech and Gay Marriage

Persuasive Essay: The Limits of Free Speech and Gay Marriage

Just as a coin has two sides, I would like to start with the limits on free speech and expression placed upon members of the military. Members of the military are said to have limits on free speech and expression especially to other civilians because it is by law that what is said and done in the army should remain in the military and not exposed to the public for everyone to know. This would be like betraying one’s country and loyalty as a military member. The military members have very limited freedom of speech with many people apart from themselves. The military pledge to obey and follow orders of those appointed over them.

The problem with gay marriage falls under certain things that morally people should not do. Within the society, we live in, many people tend to criticize same marriages, and to some extent, those involved in relationships of the same sex are considered immoral. Although civil rights are negatively affected by freedom of speech, it has legalized same-sex marriage. By legalizing the rights of same-sex marriages, they are at a point of suing any person who tends to tamper with their freedom of expressing their love to the people of the same sex. Same-sex marriage is a controversial topic, and its legalization has conveyed happiness to many individuals. Without freedom of speech, people wouldn’t be able to fight for this law to be passed, even if it is against most of thesociety’s religion. Personally, I support the problem on gay marriages because every person has a right to fall in love with either a person of the opposite sex or even one of the same sex. It is one’s free choice. Making a mistake to withdraw their freedom, will call for charges of law to be imposed on you.

Limits on free speech and expression placed upon members of the military are of great importance to a given country since its loyalty is attained.With this denial of their free freedom ofspeech, they are equally denied a lot of things in their lives such as freedom to joint association or participate to any public manifestation. I honestly believe that Freedom of Speech and expression has positively affected this legislation. Without freedom of speech, folks wouldn’t be able to fight for this law to be passed, even if it is against most of thesociety’s religion. Still supporting the problem on the gay marriage, my primary interest remains on trying to fight for every right that these gay people would have to any other rightful kind of the wedding.

It is evident that my primary focus or my audience goes especially to the youths growing up in the today’s world. This is because the world today is not the world that existed at the time of our grandparents because nowadays the youths have moved with the change in technology unlike in our grandfather’s time where technology was not a big deal. The youths of today have changed, and they are developing feelings for same sex and also those developing negative feelings for people of the opposite sex. They see there is no need putting up with people of the opposite sex who may be might cheat on them, or even mistreat them. This has made them develop negative feelings to their different sex partners and therefore choosing just to fall in love with those that are alike. My main reason of persuasion on the topic of gay marriages is that at least for the gay people to feel that are not alone in the society and that they have someone who cares about their rights and is also fighting for them and their rights. It is also nice to be there for the minority groups such as the gay people because for sure they are not as many as such in our societies. It’s good to be there for them and also besides fighting for them; it is nice to give them relevant advice concerning their choice of life instead of leaving them to be condemned by the society leaving them to feel like they are outcasts in the society. By doing so, they will at least consider like part of the community, not as outcasts as most people take them.  My view of supporting the gay marriage is right because no one has the right to stop one’s feelings for another human being. Everyone is entitled to the freedom to love.  Lastly, having fought for the rights of the gay marriage, this alone shows them that they are meant to live a happy life and that people accept them.


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