the mortality rate

Peak expiratory flow (PEF)
September 27, 2019
Is there a relationship between student gender and health self-rating?
September 27, 2019


Surgeons at Hospital A report that the mortality rate at the end of a one-year follow-up after a new coronary

bypass procedure is 15%. At Hospital B, the surgeons report a one-year mortality rate of 8% for the same procedure. Before concluding that the surgeons at Hospital B have vastly superior skill, which of the following possible confounders would you examine?

A.The severity (stage) of disease of the patients at the two hospitals at baseline

B.The starting point of the one-year follow-up at both hospitals (after operation versus after discharge)

C.Difference in the post-operative care at the two hospitals

D.Equally thorough follow-up for mortality

E.All of the above

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