The six stages of the Change Cycle

. List five (5) common signs and symptoms of the identified condition; for each provide a link to the underlying pathophysiology (350 words)
November 25, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Review the six stages of the Change Cycle [Loss, Doubt, Discomfort, Discovery, Understanding, and Integration].
Discuss the the following:

  1. How is the Change Cycle used in organizations?
  2. Explain the importance of implementing change in Dr. Young’s organization.
  3. Explain what happens if Dr. Young is unsuccessful in implementing change?
  4. Discuss how resistance to change can be managed and overcome in a context with highly-skilled, semi-autonomous professionals.
  5. Discuss the Three Lens Framework on organizational processes.
  6. Analyze the impact on the organization, the workers, leadership, and the customers.

Remember that all the deliverables in this course are to be APA styled with all that requires. The body of the paper should be at a minimum of three pages in length. You must have four (4) peer reviewed journal references. Include a title and reference page. An assignment link will be available within this week’s content so you can upload your deliverable.

You can use this link to access the Case Study:

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