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tutorials at Atomic

If you need assistance using Excel, you can access a tutorial that is appropriate for your experience level and your version of Excel. 
Access these tutorials at Atomic Learning using your SNHU login at:Mastering Excel 2013
The Data Analysis ToolPak is an add-in program for Microsoft Excel. It must be added in to the software before it can be used.
If you have “DATA” already on the upper main menu, then simply click on it and you will open up a tool bar of assorted new Excel tools, including:
Get External Data, Connections, Sort & Filter, Data Tools, Outline, and Analysis.
If you do not see “DATA” on the upper main menu, then you must add this program into Excel by doing the following:
Click FILE in the upper tool bar, followed by OPTIONS, then select ADD-INS.
Next, on the bottom near Manage, select EXCEL ADD-INS and GO. Ensure the ANALYSIS TOOLPAK is checkmarked and click OK.
This ToolPak will provide additional data analysis tools for statistics.
NOTE: If you are unable to load this ToolPak into your version of Excel, you may have to consult your installation CD and reinstall the Excel set-up
The DATA ANALYSIS TOOLPAK provides 18 additional statistical tools in the areas of:
Descriptive Statistics; Sampling; Hypothesis Testing; Analysis of Variance; Regression and Correlation; and Time Series Forecasting
The ToolPak is valuable to business analysts and leaders who desire additional capability from the Excel software.
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