10pg Case Analysis

Due in 18 hours ORIGINAL work apa format
August 15, 2020
Fortune 500 Worst Company: ‘Avon Cosmetics Company’
August 15, 2020

Analyze the case (ATTACHED) follow theCase Analysis Outline.
Attached is sample IndividualCase Exams case which is different so do NOT follow these examples exactly).
Case Analysis Outline
1. Situation Analysis : Describe briefly in summary form the management situation reflected in the case. This is not a restating of the case details or history. Instead it captures the essence of the management situation and leads to the development of the issue(s) statement to follow. Be sure and include a:
A. Vision/Purpose/Mission/Values Statement
Identify any issues related to:
1. The organization not having a stated set of Vision/Purpose/ Mission/ Values.
2. The organization not living up to its stated set of Vision/Purpose/ Mission/Values.
B. Stakeholder analysis:
1. Identify key stakeholders
2. Identify expectations for each stakeholder.
3. Identify any issues related to unmet stakeholder expectations.
2. Issue(s) Statement & Management Question :
A. List and briefly summarize the key issues you identified in your Situation
B. Close this section with a single concise but comprehensive underlying
management question that must be answered to address the key issues
from A. .
3. Organizational Behavior Analysis :Apply in-depth 3-4 course concepts/models. This means that you should identify a model/concept (e.g. the Big Five Personality Factors ) and use it to analyze/describe whats going on in the case relative to the key issues and the management question to be addressed. If the case differs from what the model suggests or recommends this provides evidence that the model can be useful in addressing the key issues and answering the management question.
4. Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives : Based on the Organizational behavior Analysis identify three or more specific mutually exclusive options/alternatives that should be evaluated to address the issues and the underlying problem. Label each with a brief key word name that identifies the alternative i.e. Reorganize the Division. Then develop and fully discuss the pros and cons and related implications of each alternative.
5. Recommended Alternative: Suggest which of your alternatives from Part 4 you recommend be implemented and why.
6. Implementation and Conclusion :Describe and discuss the strategic and operational issues related to implementing the recommended alternative. Include a course concept/model to follow along with a timeline for implementing it.
A few tips to get you started: assume Mr. Coteis in the middle of the stakeholder map. Your situational and stakeholder analysis will show you the gaps if any he has created in aligning with the vision/mission/values of the organization and likewise your stakeholderanalysis will show gaps if any in stakeholder expectations not being met. Be clear what those gaps are in section 1. Then frame your management question around those gaps. In Section 3 you need to choose 3 organizational behavior frameworks. Moving on to Section 4 you will suggest alternative actions and pros/cons of each Mr. Cotecan take given how the frameworks inform the analysis. In Section 5 you will choose the alternative you recommend and say why. Finally in Section 6 you will provide an Implementation Plan.
You should use the following models for your OB analysis;1. Organizational Culture2. Transformational Leadership

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