health education specialist

public health intervention strategy
September 27, 2019
health theorys
September 27, 2019


As a health education specialist for a large national voluntary health agency, you are charged with promoting a

new internet-based screening tool for breast cancer risk. It has already been beta tested and the research has been promising; now the agency wants to go public with it and encourage its use by the priority population of at risk women in America. Using diffusion theory as your guide, you choose to focus your initial promotional efforts on:

A.innovators-personally contacting women researching breast cancer and asking them to use the tool with their patients

B.early adopters-presenting research results in professional meetings and publications in order to catch the eye of respected opinion leaders

C.early majority-use mass media to directly reach out to large numbers in priority populations

D.laggards-use multiple efforts to appeal to members of the priority populations who are doubtful of the usefulness of the tool.

In need of help with this question. I said early adopters-B

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