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September 27, 2019
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September 27, 2019


I have a few questions concerning different health theorys that I am having a hard time with and the other 2

questions I am lost on.

For the 1st question I chose C and the 2nd question I chose B and I am not sure if they are correct. Please Help. In need of assistance

1.You are a health counselor in an employee wellness program. In your intake interviews with employees joining the programs, you identify many cigarette smokers who have never seriously considered quitting. which of the following theoretical frameworks would be most effective in moving them from the precontemplation to contemplation stage of the Tran-theoretical Model of Change?

A.Diffusion of Innovation

B.Health Belief Model

C.Theory of Planned Behavior

D.Social Cognitive Theory

2.Which of the following theoretical models is likely to help the most in moving an innovation across the social chasm defined in diffusion theory?

A.Health Belief Model

B.Socioecological Model

C.Elaboration likelihood Model

D.Precede-ProCEED Model

3. You wish to expand a new exercise program offered as part of the women’s ministry of your church. The most effective communication channel to influence attitudesabout participating is:

A. word of mouth by women already involved in the program mail of a postcard to all church members home announcement in the church bulletin

D. posters strategically placed around the church building

4. You are the recreation director at a large inner city. You notice a dramatic drop in attendance in a usually popular aerobics class shortly after hiring a new instructor. You interview the dropouts who inform you they don’t like the calisthenics-like exercise routines the new instructor, a former Marine Corps PT trainer, uses in the class. This is an example of what type of program evaluation?

A. Process



D. cost effective

5.In a trial of a cytotoxic drug for lung cancer treatment, the investigators reported 6 deaths among 60 patients treated with this agent, compared with 15 deaths among 58 controls on placebo. Calculate the attributable benefit of this agent in reducing lung cancer-related mortality in this population.


B. 25.8%


D. 5.8%

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