Due in 18 hours ORIGINAL work apa format
August 15, 2020
Fortune 500 Worst Company: ‘Avon Cosmetics Company’
August 15, 2020

We had an exercise in the class and I must write a journal on it.
We were two student in this exercise. I was the representative Paige Turner and my partner was the Representative BestBook. After our negotiation on the terms we came up with our final decision as it is shows in the attached file (Final Negotiation Agreements). Please write a paper on this assignment and link it on how it could affect me on management. You have to write based on the attached file (LJ Element Detailed Descriptions). Under that file and under section 3 [AbstractConceptualization (AC)]you have to write some example that we took and from our current book and not the one shown on that file so because of that I attached some slides from our course so you can use it or you can use the file (Interpreting Your Scores on the Thomas)
on the Excel file (Negotiations Spring 2017) the highlighted yellow is me and my partner.
Please it must be original work and make sure to read all the attached file especially the instructions.
Go by the5Elements of the Journal Entryand under section 3 write an example from the slides.

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